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Candy Club Assorted Gummie Candy Chocolate & Popcorn
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Candy Club Assorted Gummie Candy Chocolate & Popcorn
or 4 interest-free payments of $2.25 with

Product Details

OMG with Valentines Day coming up we deserve a little sweet treat! These candies are SO YUMMY! My favorites are the Peach Hearts, the Sour Octopus, Sea Salt Caramels and the Caramelcorn but everything is delicious! I am a candy fanatic and I have 3 kiddos so trust me!

Here is what we've got...
Unicorn Popcorn - 3oz - This highly addictive snack features cake-flavored kettle corn drizzled in vanilla frosting and speckled with rainbow sprinkles... and a touch of magic!
Chocolatey Carmelcorn - 2oz - Take popcorn to the next level with this sweet, salty, tender- crisp concoction! Light, crisp caramel popcorn drizzled with rich milk chocolate.

Cupid's Sea Salt Caramels - 7oz - Adorable orbs of sea salt caramel drenched in decadent dark chocolate.
Peanut Butter Cookie Bites - 6oz - Poppable morsels of peanut butter cookie dough bites enveloped in smooth, rich chocolate. Sweet lovers rejoice!
Mermaid Pearls - 8oz - Pretty pearls of rich milk chocolate coated in thin, crisp candy shells!
Gimme S'mores - 6oz - With notes of marshmallow, graham, and rich milk chocolate, these little morsels pack all of the sweet, toasty, delight of the classic campfire treat into snackable bite-sized form!

Berry Blue Sour Laces - 5oz - You're sure to love the intense fruity flavor in these tart, yummy strings! Non-GMO.
Triple-Decker Sour Bears - 7oz - With three layers of multicolored fruit flavor and a head-to-toe dusting of sour sugar, these sweet-tart candies provide triple the taste sensation of every-day gummy bears!
Sour Gummy Octopus - 6oz - Get ready for adventure! These exhilarating fruit flavored sour gummies will be swimming into your heart and your tummy. Who knew octopus could be so scrumptious?!
Rainbow Sour Belts - 5oz - Equal parts flavorful and colorful, these bright, tart rainbow ribbon belts are sure to bring a smile to your face and a happy kick to your taste buds! Vegan friendly.

Peach Hearts - 7oz - These juicy, sugar-coated, soft and chewy hearts are sure to delight your senses with every aromatic and tart peach flavored bite!
Gummi Unicorns - 5oz - Take a magical ride with the rarest of candy — gummy unicorns! These fruity flavored divine creatures are part marshmallow, part gummy to create a unique texture that is as magical as a unicorn!
Lemonade Straws - 5oz - A little sweet, a little sour, and totally addictive, these naturally flavored pink straws are sure to disappear quicker than lemonade on a hot summer’s day! Vegan friendly.